New Forest Locksmiths – Who Has Your Key?

New Forest Locksmiths - Who Has Your Key?

Who Has Your Key? There are Criminals All Over The New Forest!!

As soon as you buy a home, rent an property or buy commercial space in The New Forest, for safety, you or your landlord should re-key or replace the locks for the premises.  Re-keying means we can work with your existing locks.  You do not have to buy new locks and it can sometimes be much more economical to re-key than buy new.

When you move in:

You don’t know the history of the previous tenants or landlords..and even if you did, who did they know? Who had the keys? Cleaning services? Pet Services? Ex-disgruntled Employees? WHO MADE A COPY?

Unfortunately, crime happens. CRIMINALS LOVE KEYS!  Don’t make it easy for them. Call New Forest Locksmiths  (07737 915984) to help you re-key your locks so you don’t have any surprises.

Lets beat the criminals together.

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